Five vintage trends that are popular these days.

Five vintage trends that are popular these days.

 It is almost 2020, but whether its music, film or fashion industry, retro is back! We’re all well accustomed to the saying old is gold. This age has only proved it to be truer than any other previous ages. Fashion is more like a boomerang; what goes away, comes back too, which is why what was once out of style is now totally new and alive. Even though trends are always changing, here are some vintage patterns that will forever stay in fashion. 

1.        Crop tops

Crops tops were trendy in the 1930s and ’40s. It was usually worn as the two-piece matching set of clothes. Ever since then, crop tops have been so popular that it has made its way in every decade. Crop tops come in a range of prints like floral, stripes, graphics, and animal prints too. You can grab one for yourself using the Splash Fashion coupon codes.

2.        Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms were trendy during the ’70s. It came about as pants for the sailors, but soon started to rule the fashion industry. Bell bottoms are again very popular these days. They are comfortable and stylish to wear on any occasion.

3.        Corsets

In the late 16th century, French tailor men came up with this idea of women’s wear. This restrictive structure of clothing was generally worn by women to keep their bodies in shape. This was dressed as a piece of undergarment, but in today’s scenario, women wear corsets as a top or accessories to look more glamorous. 

4.        Shoulder pads

The fashion industry, obsessed with the hour-glass figure of women invented shoulder pads in the 1930s. It was a trendy piece of clothing for a decade. Now it is back in trend again, as women wear it all the time to add an essence of chic to their basic look. 

5.        Duster jackets

These full-length jackets were in vogue during the 1800s. But then it went out of fashion for some time. But now it is back to stay for a long time. These jackets are dramatic and resistant towards the cold winter. You can bag yourself some of these stylish duster jackets by using Splash Fashion coupon codes.

It is impossible always to keep track of the ever-changing fashion trends, but what we can advise is that never throw away something just because they are not accessible anymore. Fashion trends work cyclically, what is out of the trend today, will come back again after a few years. So, this winter, rock the end of the year and cheer for the new beginning in some fun, chic, edgy, and vintage looks.

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