Bruins Release National TV Schedule for 2014-15 Season

Pierre McGuire Tuukka Rask Alright, so it’s been a while but trying to get back into the swing of things. The Bruins and the NHL recently released their National TV coverage schedule for the upcoming season, which will see the B’s hit the national airwaves 17 times. The good news is that five of the games are non-exclusive, meaning NESN will still air those games in parallel for us local folk. That also means that’s five less times you potentially have to deal with Pierre McGuire, which is just a bonus.

Here’s the full list:
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Finland, That’s Where He Wants to Be

Peverley Hills Zip Code Change, Tuukka Time Zone Change and Loose Pucks

Peverley Hills, Helsinki

Peverley Hills, Finland

Another one bites the dust, so to speak. Bruins forward Rich Peverley is headed to Finland to join J(in)Y(our)P Jyvaskyla of the Finnish SM-liiga. Apparently a partnership agreement between the Bruins and JYP made it easy to transition players between the teams in this situation, so Pevs joins a few others already calling Europe their temporary home for the lockout. JYP chairman Jukka Seppanen felt Peverley’s skillset would be perfect for the Finnish league, most notably his speed. Obviously this mass exodus to Europe is not much of a surprise given the uncertainty of the lockout, and there are rumblings of other signings coming in the near future.

Tuukka Time Starts in the Czech League

Tuuka Time

Tuukka Time

Along with Peverley, Tuukka rask officially jumped ship to the Czech League, signing on with HC Plzen. This could be a good move for Rask to get his game together as he prepares to be the #1 goaltender for the B’s this season (whenever that is). Injuries have always been a concern with Rask however, so the Bruins are likely to be keeping a close eye on his play assuming NHL regular season games are cancelled.

Loose Pucks

  • In somewhat more expected news, Dennis Seidenberg joins his brother Yannick with Adler Mannheim in Germany for his lockout retreat. Seidenberg announced his desire to play overseas last week, so it was just a matter of finalizing the details.
  • Everyone’s favorite play-by-play man Jack Edwards joined the Marek vs. Wyshynski Puck Daddy podcast today, and had some great points on a variety of subjects. Some highlights:
    • With the Red Sox struggling, ‘referee-gate’ tainting the Pats season, and an over-the-hill Celtics squad, the lockout comes at an extremely unfortunate time for the Bruins. With an extremely talented and strong core unit, the B’s were poised to re-establish themselves near the top of the Boston Sports picture. Delaying play further only jeopardizes all the positive momentum the team carried from the last few seasons.
    • Felt the lockout hurts Tyler Seguin’s progress the most from an individual perspective. Even though he’ll be active over in Switzerland, #19 was showing real signs of maturing during the last season (especially near the end and in the playoffs), and said that a full season off could hinder that development. 
    • Intriguing comments on Steve Ott joining the Sabres. Jack felt the NHL likes to paint the “hero” picture on all of its players, rather than accepting that there are some villains. He stated Ott and players like him are good for the game because of their ability to get their teams fired up, and looked forward to seeing what impact his addition could have to a squad that already has Patrick Kaleta on it.  A far cry from Jack’s “knee-seeking-missile/Brave Steve” rant, these comments were the most interesting to hear. 
    • Lastly, he was in hopes that the lockout will be over by Thanksgiving. “I’m a stupid optimist, and some people will leave off the optimist part…”, he noted the Bruins/Rangers ‘Black Friday’ game would be a great opportunity to get the game back in front of the masses.