Loose Pucks: Fisticuffs Edition

Boston Bruins Loose Pucks

Lots of Bruins news from yesterday and today, so here’s the round-up:


  • Yes, We Know Who You Are –¬†probably the biggest news of the past 24 hours was a video that surfaced yesterday of Milan Lucic in an altercation outside of a Vancouver night club after the Canucks lit up the B’s 6-2 on Saturday night. If you missed it, here it is:

Lucic claims he was assaulted twice (or wait! three times?) by some drunk guy at the bar, completely unprovoked. He was pretty disgusted by the whole thing, saying he’s looking into legal action and adding “other than being in Rogers Arena, no one will ever see me in downtown Vancouver ever again.” Looch has had quite the experience with the city he grew up in, already having had his grandparents harassed in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011 and then having his hometown church vandalized in 2012 with ‘Go Canucks Go’ as well.

It’s quite the interesting situation. Looch sounds a bit inebria…wait, just kidding, “Milan Lucic is BEYOND good right now.” Have to give the 25 year old at least some credit for not flying completely off the handle, though it was pretty close to getting there. His opponent may also want to send a nice ‘thank you’ card and a few brewksis to the silver haired gentleman who broke things up at the start of the video, since there was some shadow boxing going on that I’m sure would not have ended well. If it happened the way he said it did then it is just an unfortunate situation, but you never know with things like this. Either way, hopefully a lesson learned for Lucic after the whole Seguin Saga.


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Steven Stamkos Once Again Proving He’s Way Tougher Than Us

Steven Stamkos Walking

It was a mere two weeks ago that NHL star Steven Stamkos suffered a broken right tibia after an ugly collision with the goal post during the second period of a 3-0 loss to the B’s at TD Garden, a tough blow to a Lightning team that was atop the Eastern Conference at the time. After undergoing surgery a day later in which a metal rod was inserted in his leg to secure the bone, the projected timetable for Stamkos’ return was more than a few months. Even beyond the blow to the Lightning, Team Canada also took a potential hit as Stamkos was pegged as one of the top players on the roster ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Well some of those fears were put to rest this morning, when the 23-year-old Stamkos WALKED into a press conference WITHOUT the assistance of crutches.

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Early Changes Show Bruins Mean Business

Ryan Spooner

Coach and Front Office Wasting No Time Lineup Adjustments

Like most coaches in the NHL do, Claude Julien has taken a beating during his time in Boston from Bruins fans who think they know better than the veteran headmaster¬†(and I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of it too). Everything from his systems, his ability to motivate, to how he handles young players has been called into question especially in recent seasons, which is a little strange given the Bruins’ success. Perhaps one of the biggest pain points for fans has been how the team has handled underperforming players, as during prior seasons the coach and front office has generally continued to trust said players while they worked through whatever issue they may be facing. But as the Black and Gold roll past the ten game mark of the 2013-14 season with a relatively average record, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: those days are quickly drawing to a close.

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Bruins Opening Night Roster Growing Clearer

bruins opening night

With just over a week until the Bruins take on the Tampa Bay Lightning for their first game of the 2013-14 NHL season, the team’s roster is starting to take shape while management and the coaching staff get in their final looks at players that are on the proverbial bubble. The black and gold are traveling to Winnipeg today for a “home and home-away-from-home” series with the Jets. The two teams will play in Winnipeg tomorrow night, and face-off in Saskatoon on Friday in the final game of the preseason.

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