Happy 65th Birthday Bobby Orr!

Bobby Orr

Sixty five years ago today a great man was born. A man that would revolutionize the defensive position and change the game of hockey forever, especially in the city of Boston. Nothing disappoints me more than not being able to see him play live, but luckily he lives on in a newer generation through YouTube clips and NESN Classic re-runs. Happy 65th birthday Bobby Orr!

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Loose Pucks – November 14

Loose Pucks - Boston Bruins BlogNo news on a new CBA. No meetings planned. Yawn. Frustration continues. Time for Loose Pucks:

  • One of our favorite former Bruins, Mark Recchi, says it’s time for the players to make a deal. While Rex is experienced with work stoppages as a player (’94-95, ’04-05), he’s also an owner now (Kamloops Blazers), so he has an interesting perspective. And truth be told, it is a perspective that after reading this, makes a good deal of sense. While the owners are perhaps unfairly dragging this out and are mostly to blame for the current situation, at some point the players have to consider the impacts as well. From the article, Recchi on the last lockout:

“But look what happened, the players always get their money,’’ he said. “They’re always going to get paid, no matter what. Look at that last deal. We ended up with the cap and everyone thought it was a bad deal. But it ended up great, right? No matter what the system is, or has been, the players get their money. No matter what the contract, the owners always find a way to pay them more. That’s why I say, get a deal and get back in there . . . the money’s always there.’’

  • Good interview from CSNNE.com’s Joe Haggerty with ‘Turk‘ about the damage an extended (read: the whole season) lockout would do to the league. Have to agree with him here, the NHL and NHLPA seem to be walking a very fine line in terms of risking setting the game back years after experiencing record growth. Best Turk quote of the article:

“[Gary] Bettman is a basketball guy and Donald Fehr is a baseball guy, isn’t he? Why are they talking about hockey?”

  • Speaking of Derek Sanderson, it sounds like a movie about his life is in the works. While the coveted role of Turk hasn’t been cast yet, filming is expected to start next year in Boston.
  • The latest impact of the lockout? How about the recent Presidential Election? Pretty hilarious and somewhat disturbing (see: Jacobs lending out the Garden before games had been cancelled officially) story about how Mitt Romney and company used the TD Garden floor as a war room on Election Night, and how it was a tremendous fail.
  • Tyler Seguin seems to have found a replacement BFF for Brad Marchand in new teammate Patrick Kane, as the two seem to be getting along swimmingly. Today Seguin posted pictures of himself and Kane with some famous Swiss wrestler. Days of Y’Orr has the scoop. Does this scare anyone else:


  • Good showing by Bruins prospects during Monday night’s Super Series battle between the OHL All Stars and the Russian All Stars. The OHL squad got the victory by a 2-1 score, with defenseman Dougie Hamilton registering an assist on the game winning goal. Forward Anthony Camara was a physical force and had a solid “net front presence” (Claude would be proud), and both Seth Griffith and Alex Khokhlachev had decent efforts as well.


Bruins YouTube Video of the Day

One interesting and somewhat unexpected fact from Derek Sanderson’s book ‘Crossing the Line‘ was that Bobby Orr was the driving force behind the ‘Big Bad Bruins’ of the 70’s. Everyone knows he was the greatest defenseman, if not the greatest player, to ever play the game, but most people overlook just how tough he really was. So we present today’s video of the day, which has the evidence.

The Life and Times of ‘Turk’

derek sanderson

How could a cover like that not interest a hockey fan?

Growing up, part of the fun of watching Bruins games with my dad and brothers was listening to ‘Fred & Derek’ do the broadcasts. I grew up knowing who Derek Sanderson the broadcaster was, though I also knew he used to play for the Bruins. If you’ve seen the highlight of ‘The Goal‘ you likely know that it was Derek Sanderson that was on the giving end of that goal. And while I’d heard stories about the crazy life of the ‘Turk’ from my dad and others, I never quite understood it. So when I came across ‘Crossing the Line‘, Sanderson’s new autobiography (with help from writer Kevin Shea), I was more than intrigued.


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