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Chara lifts the cup, 6/15/11

After many years of disappointing performances and close calls, Honey Dew Donuts-themed third jerseys, and a mass exodus of talent in 2004-5 post-lockout, we were reminded of exactly why we are Boston Bruins fans. We witnessed Marc Savard’s game 3 overtime winner live from the 4th row in the 2008 Playoffs. A few nights later, we watched in amazement as the most epic ‘Sturm-face’ of all time was put on display in one of the most exciting hockey games we’ve ever witnessed. And even though they fell short in game 7, there was no question the Boston Bruins were back.

In true Bruins fashion, we’d live through another game 7 heartbreak in 2009 (Scott Walker Scandal), along with one of the worst collapses in NHL Playoff history in 2010. But a year and three Game 7’s later, it was all worth it, as on the night of June 15, 2011, the sight of #33 lifting the Stanley Cup overhead again reduced us to tears (don’t judge).

You should know that the roots are deep. We remember the days of Fred & Derek, and the ‘Nutty’ theme song at the start of each broadcast on TV38 (and eventually NESN). We owned ‘From Oates to Neely to You’ on VHS (jealous?). There is no question in our minds that Neely’s 50 in 44 was the most impressive hockey feat in our lifetime, and that Bobby Orr is the greatest player in the history of hockey. If you disagree on either of these points we’re probably not going to be friends.

You get the picture. The Spoked ‘B’log came about as another outlet of all the effort and emotion involved in being a fan of the Boston Bruins. We’ll share our thoughts on all things Bruins and NHL, and we hope you’ll do the same. Please feel free to contact us with feedback, suggestions, or just to talk Bruins hockey using your social network of choice or via email. Enjoy and go Bruins!

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